Airflow Performance Inc. (API) was the innovation of Don Rivera
and began in 1984 in Jacksonville, FL. API was started with Don’s knowledge
and the Airflow Fuel Injection System (AFIS) was created for experimental aircraft...

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Introducing the FM-150 & FM-250 Fuel Injection Systems

* Same Flange Interface as the Bendix RSA-5 Servo
* Changeable main jet
* Operates all engines from 150 to 275 HP

* Same Flange Interface as the Bendix RSA-10 Servo
* Operates all engines from 250 to 385 HP
* External adjustable main jet



Fuel Injection 101 Classes

In an effort to dispel the mysteries of fuel
injection, Airflow Performance will be offering
a class titled Fuel Injection 101.

Private Nozzle Tuning Session

Make your engine run it’s most efficient. You must have EGT information on each cylinder
and fuel flow information in your aircraft.


Sean Tucker chooses
Airflow performance products.

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